A woman with curly hair holding a glass of water and a supplement pill.

Best Supplements for Hair Growth and Thickness

Bringing Back Your Lucious Hair

We all want healthier hair, right? But to achieve healthier and thicker hair, it’s important to evaluate certain factors, such as your diet, genetics, current haircare routine, hair care products and the climate. These factors can help or hinder hair growth. For severe cases, like alopecia areata, medications such as Litfulo can help encourage hair growth. Litfulo works by binding hair proteins and blocking their signaling process. In this article, we talk about hair supplements, their benefits and share some of the best hair growth supplements.

Best Hair Growth Supplements

Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements, $40 (one-time purchase) or $36.00 + Free Delivery for a Monthly Delivery Subscription

The Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements is one of the most popular hair growth products. It’s been used by millions of people worldwide and has been around for over 25 years. This product is suitable for all hair types and scientifically proven to improve hair thickness and reduce shedding within three to six months. With the understanding that healthy hair starts from within, these supplements have been formulated with naturally derived ingredients (iron, biotin, vitamin C and a collagen complex) to help you achieve fuller and healthier-looking hair - and body.

Jarrow Formulas, Biotin, 5,000 mcg, 100 Veggie Caps, $10.50

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is an essential ingredient required for hair (and nail) growth, healthy skin, lipid metabolism and energy production. It stimulates keratin production and increases the rate of follicle growth. This product is suitable for vegetarians and improves the condition of the hair and skin.

Solgar, Skin, Nails & Hair, Advanced MSM Formula, 120 Tablets, $18.92

These hair supplements are gluten-free, wheat-free and dairy-free. Also, these supplements are halal, kosher parve and suitable for vegans. Formulated with a combination of nutrients such as collagen, vitamin C and copper, these supplements help replenish nutrients in the body, boost collagen production (which decreases as we age) and support hair, nail and skin health.

LxH, Biotin Gummies, 90 Vegetarian Gummies, $16.99

For a sweet and tasty treat, try these biotin gummies for hair and nails. Gluten-free and vegetarian, these extra-strength biotin gummies will help your hair grow longer and stronger - with added shine! Take two gummies a day (maximum) to achieve the best results.

RidgeCrest Herbals, Hair ReVive, 120 Capsules, $44.99

These supplements will help aid natural hair growth and support healthy hair while boosting your immune system for optimal health. Use as instructed - twice daily for at least eight weeks - to achieve the desired results for your hair.

FutureBiotics, Hair, Skin & Nails, 135 Tablets, $17.47

Take this dietary supplement daily and give your body the nutrients it needs for healthy hair, glowing skin and strong nails. These supplements can be taken up to three times a day.

Sunwarrior, Beauty Greens Collagen Booster, Pina Colada, $34.97

For a supplement with a tropical twist, try this pina-colada-flavored product. It has biotin to boost hair length and growth, hyaluronic acid to hydrate your skin and hair, silica to nourish your hair and bones, vitamin C to support your immune system and collagen to improve the skin’s elasticity. With these ingredients, you can look good and feel good from within. Plus, it’s plant-based, vegan, keto-friendly, kosher, dairy-free, soy-free and gluten-free.

Litfulo for Hair Growth

LITFULO is a once-daily prescription pill that helps with severe alopecia areata in adults and adolescents as young as 12.

What are Hair Supplements, and What Benefits do they Provide for your Hair?

Hair supplements are vitamin supplements that help enhance the growth and thickness of your hair. Taking hair supplements for hair growth and thickness comes with a whole host of benefits:

  • Helps hair grow faster, thicker and stronger. This is because many hair supplements contain vitamin A, helping the cells in your body grow and strengthen hair.
  • Prevents hair loss. Some women experience hair loss, especially as they get older (typically from the age of 40.) But one of the benefits of taking hair vitamins is that these slow down and prevent hair loss.
  • Stops hair from aging. Some vitamin supplements contain vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that slows down the signs of aging on your skin and hair.
  • Creates new hair follicles and energizes existing hair follicles. This stimulates fresh hair growth.
  • Eliminates oxidative stress. It can cause hair loss because hair vitamins are often formulated with vitamin E.
  • Makes hair shiny. Gives your hair a special gloss and glow.
  • Suitable for all hair types. You can achieve hair growth and thickness regardless of the type of hair you have.
  • Boosts overall hair health and the health of your body, skin and mind. Putting your physical and mental health at the highest optimal level.