Chronic Pain
An older woman holding a heat pack against her neck

Waking Up Sore? Say Goodbye to Annoying Neck Pain

Knowing how to sleep with neck pain can be frustrating. You want relaxing night of sleep, but how can you get it? Let's take a look.
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Stretches For Upper Back Pain

Doing stretches for upper back pain can help you relieve pain. It's possible to manage these symptoms at home, and feel relief.
Disease & Viruses
A vile of blood and the words "immune thrombocytopenia."

What is ITP Blood Disorder?

ITP blood disorder is a rare condition that causes excessive bleeding and bruising. Learn about the best treatments here.
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What Causes Kidney Cancer

Here's what you need to know about what kidney cancer is, its causes, risk factors, and treatment, as well as ways to help prevent it.
Mental Health
A woman sitting on the floor, surrounded by potted plants, listening to audio with headphones on.

Manage Your Stress With These Simple Tips

If you're feeling anxious you likely want to know how to reduce stress. Stress can be incredibly overwhelming but there are ways to manage it.
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Treatment Plan For Depression

Depression affects everyone. Creating a treatment plan for depression is important, and there are many different resources that can help.
Lifestyle & Nutrition
Sweet potatoes and sweet potato slices.

10 Foods to Eat to Maintain Healthy Teeth

You may not know it, but oral health is important, as it can affect your whole body. Read this article to learn about 10 foods that are good for teeth.
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Foods For Healthy Kidneys

Your kidneys are crucial for overall health, as they filter toxins from your body. Here are the best foods for healthy kidneys.